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Achievement Badges


Have a go at the Scots Words Challenge for Term 3 by clicking this link!

Scots Words 2017 Challenge

There will also be achievement badges for those boys and girls chosen to represent their classes at the Burns Assembly to recite their Scots poems.



Throughout the school session, several skipping badges which challenge our boys and girls at different levels of difficulty, are available to aim for. Our skip leaders are always ready to test those who have practised for their badges.


skipping ropedouble skip

team work

Term Three January 2017: Class Challenges

Primary 1

Primary 1/2

Primary 2/3

Primary 3/4

Primary 4

Primary 5


We are learning to say the days of the week, the months of the year, numbers to 20 and the alphabet in French.

Primary 6

Primary 7


Our P7s will be learning how to tie a tie, in preparation for transition to

Ellon Academy in August.

Term Two October 2016

Primary 1


We are challenging ourselves to learn the days of the week in order

Primary 2


We are challenging ourselves to learn the months of the year, in order.

Primary 2/3


We are learning our phonics, this term.

Primary 3/4


We are challenging ourselves in mental maths.

Primary 4


Our challenge is learning to count to 20 in French.

Primary 5

similes and metaphors

We are learning to identify similes and metaphors.

Primary 6

We are also doing a mental maths challenge.

Primary 7


We learned time periods e.g. 10 years in a decade, 366 days in a Leap Year.


We are working towards our spelling achievement badge.

Term One August 2016

Our classes have been deciding their Term One Badge Challenges and so far, they have decided on the following…

P1S boys and girls will be learning the names of their P7 House and Vice Captains and recognising the house shields, as well as  the teams in which they have been placed.

P1/2C boys and girls will be learning to recognise the Mr Men characters which feature throughout their theme work this term.

P2/3CS boys and girls will be challenging themselves to be able to work well with the phonics they are looking at this term.


P3/4B are recognsing Olympians and thiking about how they inspire us to try our best.


P4M boys and girls are focusing on knowing their 2, 3, 4 and 5 multiplication tables


P5H boys and girls need to be able to name 25 towns and villages in Aberdeenshire.


P6W boys and girls will be challenging themselves to locate countries on the map of Europe.



P7K  – We like to push our P7s to do their very best to fill their ribbons during their last year with us, so at times are given extra challenges. They have been challenged to be able to name more than half of the States of the USA, with the added challenge of a gold star as well if they can name all 50. Ten P7s have already risen to this challenge and can name all 50! They now have the incentive of being able to locate states on an interactive map. Can they locate more than 40? Gold star again for the lot – a few are now on to this challenge as well!

usa flag map

Whole School Badges 

For our new P1s, they can aim for their first skip badge – 10 skips without tripping. For others, to build up stamina, it’s a skip badge for 10 x their class stage i.e. 20 for P2s, 30 for P3s, etc.

For those with plenty stamina, can they skip 100 times without tripping for their ‘100’ badge?


Team skippers will be challenged as well with long rope skipping. Can they form a team where four individuals can each skip in, skip 5, skip out without tripping?

Knowing Everyone in School 

Can boys and girls name every boy and girl in their house group from the photo wall for a ‘shield’ badge? Can they name all of our pupils for a ‘triple shield’ badge?

Technology Challenges

The winning house team from technology challenges will each recive a ‘winner’ badge for their ribbon.


Teds on Tour

Many pupils (and some staff members!) already have this badge. Take a Meiklemill ‘Ted on Tour’ and bring in a photo for our wall to get this badge for your ribbon.
Meiklemill Teds on Tour Badge