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Homework – November

6th November

Mrs Keith’s Activity for Friday 10th November 

On Friday morning we will have our mini technology challenge – just for P5/6. We have done some work on this already and looked at how suspension bridges are made. We investigated the cables and how to make them strong, then had a try at making some. I was so impressed!

Use the sheet I have given you to note down some things in the boxes which you think you will need to plan carefully, so that your group’s bridge is steady, strong and safe. We will have the whole of Friday morning for this, so I am looking forward to seeing how you work in a team on this task, like mini engineers!

Below are some extension activities for those who would like to do more…


  1. Commonwealth Flags – keep learning those

2. Levis’ 1 to 10 in Afrikaans should now be uploaded in the ‘How to’ video section.

3. The Phonetic Alphabet – some have already learned this. It’s useful!

4. Gregor’s Island Badge – have you done that one yet?