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Term 2

Homework – January 2018

Monday 15th January

Welcome back to the New Year and the new term! You were SO good on Friday when we did some Social Studies work, and linked that to our new German topic area of Die Familie – the family.

So that you could understand the Royal Line of Succession and how all of that works in advance of looking at how Scotland found itself without a King or Queen in the late 1200s, we looked at today’s Royal Family. You asked superb questions, showing how you were really thinking about how all of that works. Well done – that is why I asked for a certificate to be awarded to P5/6 at the assembly.

Miss McAvoy will give you a sheet which I have prepared, linked to what we were covering on Friday. Please do at least three of those things – they aren’t too time consuming.

The video clip below is one which is needed for one of the parts of the homework sheet, which you may choose to do.

Mrs Keith