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School Policies

In 2016, a new approach to updating school policies was established.  Below is a list of policies we aim to have in place under regular review and we will build on these in the coming months and years.  From March 2016, there will be a policy under review every month until all are updated and created and then the policy improvement cycle will continue thereafter.

The Policies which are hyperlinked have been updated recently and are available online.  Those which are not linked are available on request from the school.  Our aim is to have all policies available below and included in our cycle or review.

Policy Number Title
1 Child Protection
3 Health and Safety
4 Fire and Evacuation Procedures
5 Curriculum Rationale
6 Learning and Teaching
7 Assessment and Tracking
8 Distributive Leadership
10 Self Evaluation and Quality Assurance
11 Quality Improvement
12 UNICEF Rights Respecting School
13 Eco School
14 Health Promoting
15 Expectations and Behaviour
16 Anti-Bullying
17 Internet and ICT Acceptable Use
18 Social Media and Mobile Devices
19 Exclusion
20 Home Learning (Homework)
21 Cycling
22 Presentation of Work
23 Partnership with Parents
24 Whistle Blowing Policy
25 Confidentiality
26 Complaints Procedure ** (please see below)
27 Teaching Staff Induction
28 PSA Induction
29 Parental Volunteers
30 Staff Review Arrangements
31 P1 Induction
32 Aberdeenshire Council Total Communication Policy
33 School Trips / Excursions
34 Transitions
35 Equality / Equal Opportunities
36 Data Protection
37 Attendance Policy
38  Reporting to Parents – Sharing the Learning



** 26 is the link to Aberdeenshire Council’s formal complaints procedure.  However, please make your first port of call the school.  Our door is always open and we are always happy to help.  We believe the best way to resolve a concern / complaint is to work with you here at the school.


Severe Weather Arrangements Aberdeenshire Council

Current Policy Under Review – Reporting / Sharing the Learning (Feb 2017)