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Homework to be handed in on Friday 20th March

Homework to be handed in on Friday 13th March

Homework to be handed in on Friday 6th March

Homework to be handed in on Friday 28th February


To be handed in on Thursday 13th February


School finishes on Thursday 13th February this week. Children should return on Thursday 20th February. Enjoy your long weekend

Please note that this week is a 4-day week so homework should be done for Thursday instead of Friday. There is not much for you this week as I would like you to focus on getting your personal projects done over the next couple of weeks and practise your presentations before the due date – 28th February. Everyone should be well on the way to sorting their projects and organising them but please make sure you are checking the success criteria to see that you have included all that was asked for. I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing everything that you are preparing!

A reminder of the success criteria for you

Personal Project – Success Criteria

Your personal project should include the following criteria but feel free to add other things that you want.

  • Front Cover or title on poster/display board – with design.
  • Contents page if doing a booklet – explain what is inside your booklet
  • Pages / or sections of information on a poster, with information in your own words – can be printed or written but not copied and pasted
  • Illustrations- MUST BE drawn and coloured although you can include some printed too.
  • Bibliography – A list of books, websites, people and other sources of information you used – an acknowledgement of your sources
  • About the author – can include a picture/photograph

On Thursday of this week we are looking at having a joint P7 art day linked to a Scottish artist, Steven Brown. We have split you all into groups and each group will be recreating one of Steven Brown’s pieces using different media. We would like to see everyone taking in something to contribute to the day.

Things to take in –

  • Wool and fabric – primary / bright colours
  • Plasticine in bright colours
  • Craft materials – feathers, sequins, pom poms etc.
  • Magazine pages , wrapping paper – brightly coloured
  • Recycling materials

Spelling – Please learn your spellings for Friday

Times Table – 6 x this week and if you didn’t beat your score last week then practise the 4 x again so that you can beat that score too.

Personal Project – continue working on your project looking at the success criteria and making sure you have included what is asked for.

You should be pulling all of your information together and organising it for your finished piece.

Walk to School badge design

Please have these completed and handed in on Thursday. Please remember that only 3 designs from each school can be sent so your one must stand out. I have seen some of P7C’s designs and you have got some competition there! You have been given longer to do yours so let’s see what you can come up withP7W!

Class badge challenge

Most of you managed to earn a badge from one of the class challenges on Friday, so well done if you did that. If you didn’t earn one, then please come to get tested this week. Everyone is now free to go for a second and third badge at any time so get practising!

Homework this week                                                                                                Done


Continue project

6 x table

Badge Design

Take in resources for Thursday’s art day

Homework to be handed in on Friday 7th February



Next year, we will be taking WOW pupils on a journey around the globe to celebrate some of the most breathtaking wonders of our beautiful planet.

We are looking for engaging and colourful depictions of the most beautiful natural and human-made creations; think waterfalls, coral reefs and mountains, but also temples, bridges and pyramids.

Diversity and originality are key, so encourage pupils to think beyond the well-known. Underwater caves? Wonderful constellations? The sky is the limit – literally!



The 11 winning designs will be turned into more than 400,000 badges – made from 100% recycled material – to be awarded to WOW pupils who walk, cycle, scoot or Park and Stride during 2020/21.
The winners will also receive:

  • WOW resources for the school
  • Winner’s Trophy
  • School gate banner
  • Downloadable certificate
  • Bespoke press release from Living Streets


An additional 11 designs highly commended and will receive runners-up trophies.

Every school that enters will be eligible for our prize draw, in which five winners will also receive WOW resources for their school.

Badge design competition 2020 –


TOP TIPS FOR WINNING DESIGNS: . Be big, bold and colourful!. WOW badges are only 3cm, so simple designs without people or small details in them work best!.

Trademarks, logos, images of Strider will not qualify for the competition .

Winning designs will be digitally recreated, so pupils can use pencil, crayons or pens

Homework to be handed in on Friday 31st January

Homework to be handed in on Friday 24th January

WW2 Planes Badge Challenge

WW2 Songs Badge Challenge

Leaders Badge Challenge

Homework to be handed in on Friday 17th January

Christmas Dates – Reminders

Homework to be handed in on Friday 6th December

Below are the links to the accompaniments for ukulele. Right click on the link and save to your computer. Then play using Windows Media Player.

Mele piano accomp


Homework to be handed in on Friday 29th November

Homework to be handed in on Friday 15th November

Homework to be handed in on Friday 8th November

Homework to be handed in on Friday 4th October

Homework to be handed in on Friday 27th September

Homework to be handed in on Friday 20th September

Homework to be handed in on Friday 13th September

Homework to be handed in on Friday 6th September

P7 Homework for Friday 31st August