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Achievement Badges

Our Term One Badge Challenges; Session 2017 – 2018

Our badge challenges encourage perseverance, practice, helping each other and they celebrate efforts across the curriculum.

As always, we are encouraging our pupils to aim high and challenge themselves to achieve some badges for their ribbons. Each class has its own challenge to aim for, which has been agreed with their class teacher.

In addition to that, we have whole-school challenges and our skipping badges.

Find out more about which badges can be achieved this term:


Nursery children are being challenged to know their rainbow colours and the names of staff

Nursery Staff rainbow 

Primary 1 Classes

Our Primary One pupils are getting to know the names of all house captains; a valuable link to our working together as a whole-school team.


 Primary 2

Our Primary 2s’ challenge involves identifying different types of owl, which is related to their topic work this term.

Primary 3, Primary 4 and Primary 7

All of these classes are increasing table knowledge with practice at each stage’s level.

Primary 5

Alongside their topic work on Aberdeenshire, Primary 5s are learning about the locations of chosen towns and villages in the area.

Primary 5/6

P5/6 pupils are learning about the UK and have three levels they can aim for:

Identify 12 city locations across the UK for bronze level

Identify 24 city/major town locations across the UK

Identify 36 cIty/town locations across the UK

Gregor has also set a challenge related to the locations of major islands around the UK

 Primary 6

Primary 6’s challenge is topic related too – it involves the countries of Europe


 Technology Challenges


Our technology challenges are always exciting activities in which our P1s to P7s participate. Three house teams are judged to be the overall winners later in the day – always a hard decision to make. Each team member receives a badge for their efforts.

Skipping Badges

 Class Badge

Class Skip Badge 2017

Our P1s need to demonstrate 10 forward skips without tripping

Our P2s need to do 20 forward and 10 back

Our P3s need to do 30 forward and 10 back

Our P4s need to do 40 forward and 15 back

Our P5s need to do 50 forward and 15 back

Our P6s need to do 60 forward and 20 back

Our P7s need to do 70 forward and 20 back

Skipping Stamina

We see such a difference in the stamina of our children through skipping. So many of them have now gained a ‘100’ badge for skipping continuously for 100 skips without tripping, and now have gone on to gain their 200 badge!


Paired Skipping

Two badges available; the details for these challenges are displayed on

the badge challenge noticeboard.

double skippers

Team Skipping

A group of five children in this one. It was demonstrated at assembly by a group of P5/6s and involves one rope and five skippers.

Skip Star

Demonstrate five out of the 7 skip skills – can be assessed by one of our pupil skip leaders.

We also have bronze level, silver level and gold level challenges which some of our Upper Stages pupils are practising for at the moment.

 Whole-School Challenges

We always think this is a good challenge and a useful skill to have…

Can you name all of the people in your house group?

Can you name all the people in school?

 PSA Badges

Our PSAs recognise good conduct, how our children work together in the playground or how well they are doing during break times. They can award a ‘Sunshine’ badge to a pupil for that.

 Buddy Badges

Our buddies also recognise when children have made progress in the playground, whether this is with the younger children being able to participate in games with greater confidence or their perseverance with skipping, for example. These are awarded by the buddies themselves at assembly.

Muckle Moo

Quite a few of our children have already had their photo taken with Muckle Moo and have gained their badge.

Muckle Moo

Our boys and girls often come up with great ideas for challenges and we are always

happy to listen to their suggestions.