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Breakfast / Exercise Club

As part of how we allocate our Pupil Equity Funding, we started a morning exercise and breakfast club in 2017.  This opportunity aims to provide children with some morning exercise as we know what research tells us about the benefits of a little morning exercise with regards pupil focus, engagement, readiness to learn and attainment. It also of course aims to give children a wholesome breakfast so they are well placed to give it all they’ve got at school for the day ahead!

The exercise is often a 10 minute exercise class on the large screen in the hall.  The children really enjoy a short dance / aerobic workout to popular music.  It is not overly taxing and there is no need for PE kit or change of clothes.

There is no charge to parents for this club.  Whilst we do have a maximum capacity of approximately 30 each day, there are normally 20 or so children and generally  we have space to service all requests.

For breakfast, children have a selection of cereals, fruit, toast and fruit juice.

Breakfast / Exercise Club is from 8.15am-9.00am and we do ask that children are not dropped off before 8.15am. Older children can head out into the playground with their peers at 8.50am if they so wish. (with parental consent)

If you would be interested in your child attending, please pick up a form from the school office.