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House System

Meiklemill’s House System

At Meiklemill our school is enriched by our house system. We have three houses, each inspired by our local area. Each pupil is allocated to one of these houses and remains part of it throughout their time at the school, with siblings being grouped in the same house.

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Each house has two Captains and two Vice Captains who are elected in August by their housemates and staff and perform a variety of duties.

Our captains’ duties are varied but include organising and assisting with technology challenges, lunch duties and sports days. The also play an important part in inspiring their housemates to do well in earning Endeavour Points, Lunchtime Points, and competing for our Sports Day trophy, Potted Sports Trophy and Team Trophy. Our Awards Assembly recognises effort and is an exciting round-off to our school year, with our captains accepting awards on behalf of their houses, as well as medals being awarded to boys and girls in each house for their endeavours to do well across the session.

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