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We work to enable the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence for our young people and this page will give you all of the information you need about our curriculum.  The links below will take you different places of interest.

In Scotland, children and young people will progress through six curricular levels or stages from the age of 3 to 18 through a series of learning and teaching Experiences and Outcomes.  Each of the levels generally spans 3 years.


Early Level      (E) Pre-school  and P1 or later for some
First Level       (1) P2 to end of P4 but earlier or later for some
Second Level   (2) P5 to end of P7 but earlier or later for some
Third and Fourth Level

(3)   (4)

S1-S3 (Many young people will be accessing Fourth Level in S3)
Senior Phase S4 to S6 in school, college, workplace or community

Please note these are broad and general guidelines.  It is not uncommon for example to have children in P1 working within first level or indeed children in P7 working on first level.  The attainment level of a child will depend entirely on their strengths, areas for developments and potentially additional support needs.

At Meiklemill, it is our job to plan using the Curriculum for Excellence in order to provide relevant learning opportunities which meet pupil needs, and motivate and inspire  children enabling them to be all they can be.

How do we do this?

Please see our curriculum rationale below.  This was built with our children – they came up with the idea of the road map and it is proudly a huge display in our hall. Please see links below.

Meiklemill School Curriculum Rationale

Meiklemill School Curriculum Map (Pupils)

Meiklemill School Curriculum Map (Staff)

Meiklemill School Curriculum Map (Entire)

Aberdeenshire Council Curriculum Policy

Scottish Curriculum for Excellence

Parents often ask us what exactly it means if they find their child is “working within first level” of Curriculum for Excellence.  This means a child’s progress is such that their needs are best met by working with learning opportunities within the first level of Curriculum for Excellence.

So what does that mean?

We have put 3 documents below which we draw on when planning.  They give specific details on the kinds of learning opportunities you might find at different levels. We hope you find this useful but please do get in touch with us if we can help.