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Nursery Policies

All policies below can be accessed within Nursery and are available on request. As we update and review policies as part of our rolling programme, they will be made available via the links below.

1 Nursery Handbook
2 Child Protection Policy
4 Health and Safety
5 Fire and Evacuation Procedures
6 Self Evaluation and Quality Assurance
7 Quality Improvement
8 UNICEF Rights Respecting School
9 Eco School
10 Health Promoting
11 Social Media and Mobile Devices
12 Partnership with Parents
13 Whistle Blowing Policy
14 Confidentiality
15 Complaints Procedure ** (please see below)
16 Parental Volunteers
17 Staff Review Arrangements
18 Induction
19 Induction Pack – Permissions for GLOW, Photographs, Website, Walks, Toothbrushing, Sun cream, Allergies  etc

List of Planned Parent Meetings

20 Infection Control Policy
21 Admission, Procedure statement
22 Staff Handbook
23 Behaviour Policy
24 Hospitality and Gift Policy
25 Absence Policy
26 Clean Air policy
27 Nursery Snack
28 Management of Medication
29 3-18 Learning and Teaching
30 Equal Opportunities / Equality / Fairness
31 Food and Snack
32 Hand Hygiene
33 Toileting
34 ICT Safety and Acceptable Use
35 Oral health
36 Aberdeenshire Council Total Communication Policy
37 Trips / Excursions / Outdoor Learning
38 Change
39 Photo Permissions
40 Restraining Policy
41 Collecting Your Child From Nursery
42 Death Policy
43 Gift Policy
44 Volunteers
45 Practice Guide to Chronologies
46 Attendance Policy
47 Duty of Candour Policy


*All Policies and procedures are currently being reviewed and further developed for the Nursery taking into account the move to 1140hours.

** 15 is the link to Aberdeenshire Council’s formal complaints procedure.  However, please make your first port of call the school.  Our door is always open and we are always happy to help.  We believe the best way to resolve a concern / complaint is to work with you here at the school.


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