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School Uniform

From 2019, we are now operating an online store where parents can order sweatshirts, gym bags, reading folders, cardigans, house tshirts, running tshirts and more.


Meiklemill School’s uniform is :

  • Navy Sweatshirt
  • Navy or Dark skirt / Navy or Dark trousers
  • White Polo Shirt / White Blouse / Shirt

Gym Kit :

  • T-shirt and Shorts
  • Gym Shoes

From their first day at Meiklemill School the children are encouraged to be responsible for their own possessions and are encouraged to dress and undress themselves as necessary. They should aim to be able to put their boots or shoes and acquire early mastery of their own buttons, zips and laces!

Though pupils do not routinely change their shoes inside school, they are asked to do so if they are dirty or muddy. Apart from the wet areas, school is carpeted throughout. Children will need to have their gym shoes/or trainers in school for changing into, if they need to.
Please put your child’s name on all his or her clothing and possessions.