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Pupil Equity Funding at Meiklemill

PLEASE CLICK HERE to visit Education Scotland’s Scottish Attainment Challenge Website.

Each year, the Scottish Government are making a significant investment to try and close the attainment gap.  This gap refers to social deprivation.  In Scotland, our attainment data shows that children living in areas of social deprivation are much less likely to have high levels of attainment.  Our task as a school and as a  nation is to address this balance by tackling inequities, by offering opportunities for everyone to be their best and by targeting funding and support in a manner consistent with reaching this goal.

in 2019 we went through a consultation exercise where we gathered views from staff and parents trying to get information on what people felt the key barriers to learning were, for children who live in relative social deprivation.  For session 2019-2020, we identified 6 key priorities which are detailed in this document.


2019-2020 Pupil Equity Plan Meiklemill

Should you have any queries regarding our PEF allocation please do not hesitate to get in touch.